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...the one-minute audio broadcast by Frank Francis designed to empower your day and life with seeds of wisdom and guidance. Our minds are fertile gardens that will successfully bring to fruition whatever we allow to be planted in them. With that in mind, excuse the pun, it is most important that we take the time and attention to cultivate what we desire and weed out what we don’t desire. But in our fast paced society, who has the time, or to be truthful, who is willing to take the time need to maintain a healthy, weed free mind?

Are you aware that one minute can totally change your life or the life of your loved ones? In my audio series, “The One-Minute Miracle”, I outline several ways to use one minute to its fullest potential for effecting change in emotions, attitudes, the work atmosphere, our children, our spouses, tense and tragic situations, and most of all, in ourselves! In the spirit of this truth, I’m proud to offer em-POWER-minutes™ both through the Internet and various radio stations across the globe.

Em-POWER-minutes™ work on the “Mustard Seed” principle that the tiniest seed grows to become the largest tree of the garden in whose green leafy branches the birds come and nest in and find shade under. I can’t think of a better illustration or more comforting depiction of the nature of our thinking patterns and their affect on our quality of life and existence.

Today, accept the challenge to begin planting tiny seeds that will grow to become giant truths…trees planted by the waters of life! Enjoy em-POWER-minutes™, and share them with your friends and family. Take a minute…TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER!



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