About Frank Francis

Frank Francis has spent most of his life discovering and developing strategies and models for bringing a greater level of healing, empowerment, and transformation to the lives he touches. He is a theologian, personal coach, author, speaker and broadcaster, and mentor…a developer of the human spirit. His approach is powerful, motivational, intuitive, pragmatic, and humorous and the results are profound. His warm and jovial personality creates an atmosphere of acceptance for people of all distinctions.

Frank began speaking publicly at the age of thirteen. By the time he was in high school, he had become the youngest person to carry a license with his denomination. In addition to spiritual leadership, his martial arts training and scholastic achievements postured him as a well sought after mentor both in school and local churches. At age seventeen, Frank was concurrently enrolled as a junior in high school, freshman in college, and a student in Berean Bible College (a rare event in 1979). His undergraduate is in theology and counseling with postgraduates is in systematic theology and pastoral counseling.

By his eighteenth birthday, Frank Francis had traveled extensively as an itinerate speaker and was offered a position as associate pastor in Galveston, Texas. “That position taught me a lot about real life.” Says Frank Francis. “Galveston is a city full of hurting and wounded souls. It was there I learned that we don’t empower people just by giving them a ‘hand out’…we need to give them a ‘hand up’—strategies and models that will transform their lives.” This is where Frank developed his simple three-point philosophy that he teaches and follows to this day:

  • Helping people to recognize their unique identity.
  • Equipping people so they can increase the quality of their lives.
  • Teaching people how to empower themselves while empowering others.

Through the years, Frank Francis served as associate pastor, youth pastor, and senior pastor of two churches he pioneered. Then, in 1995, a tramatic even reshaped his life. “I thought it was over. Everything I had worked for was gone in one day.” Says Frank. “But then a pastor friend of mine shared with me that God may not have sent the storm, but He sure won’t waste it. I learned the principles of rebuilding the ruins of your life, learning from despair, and leveraging off tragedy. I also learned that there is a whole world outside the walls of what I called ‘the church’ and I dedicated myself to taking these time-honored truths to the ‘rest of the world’…in a non-religious format. After all, every effective motivational principle can be directly traced back to the Bible, which I’ve spent my life studying. All I needed do was draw those principles and universal laws to the top.”

Equally comfortable in religious and secular settings as well a corporate environments, Frank Francis now centers his life on what he calls “the rest of God’s children”. Frank says, “I love that one of the things I do is ‘life coaching’. It use to be called good old encouragement. But now it has a more professional name. Whatever you choose to call it—both the church and secular world need it.”

Frank Francis has over thirty years of experience at life coaching, speaking, motivating, mentoring, writing, etc. But by no means do these things totally define him. Frank can be found enjoying the gift of life in many fashions. He’s an avid kayaker, sailor, camper and hiker, and general adventurer as well as a musician and composer. He is also a life long practitioner of various martial arts including Kempo Karate. He’s traveled both America and internationally and he enjoys quiet times with his collie Tolkien as well as extended visits and conversations with both friends and strangers at Starbucks. Frank, a native Houstonian, lives in Texas with his wife Viktoria. His daughter, Tatyana, is a graduate of Texas A&M University and is currently working on her Masters Degree.

If you ask Frank what his true passion is, he will always answer the same, “people!” That’s what Frank Francis is all about…people…and helping them live their lives to the full.

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