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What direction is your path taking you? Are your living life to its fullest potential? Are you experiencing fulfillment or frustration? Do you clearly know who you are and what your purpose is? Are there things you desire more of while desiring less of others? Do you feel like other people or events are editing your life story? Does it seem as though the winds that drive other vessels to their desired destination are instead driving you to the rocks? How would you feel if you were in the driver’s seat of your life… controlling your destiny… writing your life’s story just as you would have it?

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Frank Francis compass flowerDo signs really exist? The flower pictured to the right might resemble a sunflower, but in reality it's a compass flower—one of God's small gifts silently pointing the way north for us—a marker along the trail of life. There are signs all around you. Do you recognize them? Sometimes they are easy to miss. Their smallness in size often hide their importance and value. To the trained eye they are treasures beyond value. Would you like to be able to recognize these signs?

Questions and Answers...

Frank Francis thinkerYes, questions are all around you too. What are the answers? Have you ever thought that it might not be the answers that are de-powering you, but rather the questions themselves? How would you like to know what questions would empower you and give you direction? One of the biggest differences between success and failure are the questions asked. Slightly modifying your questions will change your answers and with different answers come different results... results, that when put in play, will equip you to live a fuller life.

Beyond Mediocrity...

Frank Francis astronautIs it possible to live a life beyond mere mediocrity?
Is it true that "what one man can do, another can do?" Are there patterns of success that can be followed and applied to your life that can allow you to experience a more fulfilling life? Can you REALLY be successful in every aspect of your life including, family, business, health, spiritual issues, relationships, and simply enjoying life to its fullest? The answer is YES! You can begin to live the life you dreamed this day... this very moment. "If the road of life is unclear, then you may just need a good guide."

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The INTERNATIONALLY syndicated one-minute radio broadcast by Frank Francis. To listen, choose from the selection below.

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Live radio interview (104.7 Northshore, Folsom, LA) between Frank Francis and Tony Maggio

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